Mai Zafi Mai Sawa

Mai Zafi Mai Sawa

Hose ɗinmu mai zafi mai ɗorewa yana da kyawawan kaddarorin lanƙwasa, kuma radius na lanƙwasa na iya kaiwa 30cm, kuma yana iya rage yawan al'amuran carbonization. An fifita shi da abokan ciniki don shekaru 16.

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Our Wearable Heated Hose has good bending and bending properties, and its bending radius can reach 30cm, and can greatly reduce carbonization phenomenon. It has been favored by customers for 16 years.

1.Product Introduction of the Wearable Heated Hose

Our Wearable Heated Hose Imported Teflon tube is used in the inner liner of the hose, which has good flexibility, anti adhesion and high temperature resistance (up to 300 ℃).

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the Wearable Heated Hose



Maximum temperature

Maximum bending radius

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Can be customized according to customer requirements

300 degrees


3.Product Feature And Application of the Wearable Heated Hose

Our Wearable Heated Hose heater adopts American heating wire and high temperature resistant wire, which are evenly wound on the outer wall of the hose, with good insulation, uniform heat conduction and high temperature resistance, It can be refitted and applied to various brands of hot melt glue melter or PUR bulk melter according to user's demand.

4.Product Details of the Wearable Heated Hose

5.Product Qualification of the Wearable Heated Hose

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Wearable Heated Hose

We will provide you with 7 * 24 hours follow-up service and technical support when you buy Standard Compatible Heated Hose of our company, so that you can have no worries after sales.


1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A:We are a professional hot melt adhesive machine, hot melt adhesive manufacturer.

2. Q: What are the advantages of hot melt glue gun?

A: Our hot melt glue gun adopts precise and unique fiber nozzle design, reasonable and simple structure, easy to clean, precise spray glue control, excellent atomization effect, truly non-woven fabric, perforated film spray glue without reverse osmosis.

3.Q: How to clean PUR bulk melter?

A: If PUR bulk melter is not used for several weeks or even months, the reactive hot melt in the glue barrel can no longer be used and needs to be replaced with a new glue barrel. The machine also needs cleaning.

To clean PUR bulk melter, you need to buy a special PUR bulk melter cleaning agent. Pour the cleaning agent into the empty PUR bulk melter barrel, and then install it on the PUR bulk melter. Turn on the machine and heat it to about 130 degrees, and then discharge the cleaning agent through the hose glue gun. In this way, the residual hot-melt adhesive and carbide in the machine will be discharged.

4. Q: Which industries are bulk melter mainly used in?

A: Bulk melter is widely used and can be used for wood, construction, shoe materials, automotive interiors, textiles, packaging, electronics.

5.Q: How to clean the nozzle?

A:Clean the nozzle with a small gas burner and compressed air. High temperature can easily loosen the old hot-melt adhesive.

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